Winter Minimalist

Fall Wardrobe Essentials - Clothing

Why My Last Closet Purge Failed. Miserably.

Fall Wardrobe Essentials - Accessories

Own Less, Wear What You Love!

The Move Towards Minimalism.

Project Purge: How to Declutter your Closet

I Miss You

Don't Live the Same Year Twice

The Year of the Curl CHALLENGE Step 2 - Learning to Manage Your Hair Pt 1. (Hair Cleansing Products)

The Year of the Curl CHALLENGE

The Year of the Curl CHALLENGE: Step 1 - The Decision

Shopping Tips for the Shopaholics


Mini Indoor "Garden"

The Strong Woman Part II

Let's Talk About the Defiant Dougla! FAQs

Can I Touch Your Hair?

Why the Past Matters.

All My Single Ladies!

My Thesis!

Have the Crappy Day.

Water Marbled Mugs

The Strong Woman

DIY Geometric Planter (Urban Outfitters Inspired)


The Mixed-Girl (Dougla) Tag

Brand of the Month - Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Line

Coconut Body Butter Bars

Wooden Lazy Susan Perfume Tray (Dresser Organization & Decor)

Make Your Own Beeswax Pellets

DIY Decor: Cube Storage Organization

Desk Tour: Business with a Dash of Beauty

Don't Call Me Exotic. Exotic is for Islands.

Art is a Metaphor for Life

If Only Out Of Vanity .... Love Yourself

How I Tackle that Annoying "What Are You?" Question (Without Violence)

Oreo Rocky Road Squares