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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Camel Sweater -  Bay, $20.00
White Sleeveless Shirt - Dynamite, $20.00
Black Suede Skirt - Danier Leather (Thrifted)
Maroon Clutch - (Thrifted)
Fall is in full swing, so I thought it was time that I shared with you my top nine Fall clothing essentials!  I have been reaching for the following items on a weekly basis, making them a staple for wearing while running errands, going to work, or spending a night out with friends!  Please note that the items I include in this post are items that I already own, not item that I plan to buy!  I'm still staying on track with my 'No Spending Until Black Friday' rule!  Also please note that though all of my favourites come from two stores, this post is not sponsored!  These have just become my favourite two stores, and they offer great value when shopping online!

1. High Rise Leggings with Side Details - Dynamite ($32.95)

Legging With Side Details
In my opinion, this is the perfect legging.  Its thick durable material allows it to be worn as pants, and its high rise waist with elastic detailing sucks in that tummy, giving you the perfect silhouette.  I own several of these in various colours, and I enjoy wearing them with blouses, sweaters, t-shirts, and even longer tunics and dresses for a professional yet comfortable look.

2. Suede Legging - Dynamite ($44.95)

Suede Legging
Suede is in this season, and what better way to wear this comfy trend than by getting a soft pair of suede leggings?  Similar to the high-rise leggings, these faux-suede leggings from Dynamite are perfect for wearing on any occasion.  I pair these with oversized sweaters for a comfy yet stylish feel.  These also pair well with a plaid shirt for that boho feel.  This is also a great way to introduce new textures into your outfit, without taking too much of a risk.

3. Legging with Faux Leather Details - Dynamite ($34.95)

Legging with Faux Leather Details

Can you tell that I've been into leggings this season?  This is yet another pair of amazing leggings from Dynamite.  These have subtle faux leather detailing on the sides, almost like a tuxedo pant.  These also pair well with blouses and oversized sweaters, and offer the perfect bit of leather for those who just aren't ready to don a pair of leather pants!

4. Jersey Swing Dress - Old Navy ($34.94)


I wear one of these swing dresses at least once per week.  I own them in several colours from several different stores, but none are better than the ones I purchased from Old Navy.  Pair these with leggings, booties, and a blazer, sweater, or vest for the perfect dressy-casual fall outfit.  

5. Shirt Dress - Dynamite ($44.95)

Plaid Shirt Dress with Zip
These shirt dresses from Dynamite are also a Fall clothing essential for me, as they are stylish but so comfortable!  I usually pair these with a pair of leggings and a pair of booties or boots for that dressy-casual Fall feel.  The best part?  These shirt dresses come in multiple colours, so you can rock them all season long.

6. Turtleneck Sweaters - Old Navy ($44.94)


I love these oversized sweaters from Old Navy because they allow me to be warm and cozy, while somehow still looking pretty cute!  And since this piece transitions perfectly into Winter, it's a budget friendly purchase as well!

6. Popcorn-Stitch Sweater - Old Navy ($39.94)


A casual day running errands shouldn't translate to a day of looking frumpy!  I pair this sweater with a scarf, some booties, and any one of the leggings mentioned previously for a chic outfit, perfect for a day on the run.

7. Open-Front Cable-Knit Cardigan - Old Navy ($54.94)

Open front cardigans are the perfect way to turn any sleeveless or short-sleeved Summer clothing item into a Fall piece.  I wear this cardigan (and others like it) over my favourite sleeveless blouses, printed t-shirts, and dresses!  Like many other items that I'm reaching for this season, this cardigan is perfect for the Winter months as well!

8. Open Neck Blouse with Slits - Dynamite ($34.95)

Open Neck Blouse with Slits
I originally purchased this shirt in the summer in several colours, and I did not expect to love it a much as I do now!  This shirt looks amazing on any occasion - work, running errands, or even a dressier occasion.  Whether tucked into a skirt, left untucked over leggings, worn alone, or worn under a cardigan, this shirt is the perfect addition to any Fall wardrobe!

9. Belted Plaid Tunic with Faux Leather - Dynamite ($39.95)

Belted Plaid Tunic with Faux Leather
 Up until I purchased this shirt, I HATED plaid.  It didn't matter how beautiful the colours of the shirt were, if it was plaid, I hated it.  I think it had something to do with the fact that all the plaid shirts I saw were so boxy and unshapely.  But I purchased this shirt on a whim, and I haven't regretted it!  The cinching at the waist is beautiful, and the material is super soft.  I wear this shirt (and the others I now own just like it) similarly to how it is shown above - leggings and booties!

Well, that's all I have for my Fall essentials.  I hope this gave you all inspiration for your own Fall wardrobes!

Cheers to the best season of the year!

xoxo, Jayy

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