The Year of the Curl CHALLENGE: Step 1 - The Decision

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Welcome to Step 1 of the Year of the Curl CHALLENGE!  Are you ready to make the decision to love your hair?!

By now I'm sure you've figured out that the Year of the Curl CHALLENGE is not necessarily about hair growth.  Rather, this challenge is designed to promote hair acceptance in a society that really doesn't accept Black hair.

Making the decision to join this challenge is about so much more than deciding to love your hair.  It's about resisting the Eurocentric (White) standards of beauty, and learning to love your Blackness.  Don't think this will be easy: by doing this you will be going against the grain, and embracing a physical trait that has been looked down upon for centuries.  When you decide to love your curls, you are loving a part of yourself that you've been taught to disregard from the moment you came into this world.  Love your curls is a level of self-love that I think every curly girl needs to achieve.

This challenge is different from other hair growth challenges.  I'm not encouraging you to grow one inch of hair in two weeks, or take hair growth supplements.  In fact, I'm not asking you to spend a dime, or track your hair growth at all.  I'm challenging you to take this one aspect of your physical appearance, and EMBRACE IT.  And while I'm focusing on loving your curly hair, I hope that you will take the principles you've learned here, and utilize them in other areas of your life.

For this challenge, the only thing you need to do is put your flat iron and relaxers away, and learn to embrace that curly fro for a maximum of 365 days.  Weaves, wigs, and extensions are absolutely allowed for this challenge, but not necessary.  Haircuts and trims are encouraged as well!  You could even shave your head bald for the year if you wanted to!  Don't worry, I'll be right here with you, coaching you along.   This isn't permanent either!  Not only can you stop at any time interval (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months), but at the end of the challenge, you are free to do whatever you wish with your hair.  If you want to relax it, burn it with your flat iron, or shave it all off, that's totally up to you.  This challenge is designed to make sure that you learn to love your natural hair no matter how you choose to style it.

Are you still in?  Good!  Here's what you'll need on this challenge:

  • Journal - in which you will answer questions and document feelings about your journey
  • Support - people, products, and resources that will help you manage and embrace your natural hair
  • A head of hair 
  • A willing mind
That's it!  Chances are, you have these things already, and are more than ready to get on with the challenge.  

If you've made it this far, take a break and enjoy this short music video by Shameless Maya & friends :)

I'm so glad you made the decision to join me on this journey.  I can'wait for you to get started!  Check back soon for my post of Step 2 - Learning to Manage your Hair, which will provide support for you as you begin this journey.

Until next time!

- xoxo, Jayy

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