Fall Wardrobe Essentials - Accessories

Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumn is well underway, and my outfits are changing to reflect the season!  Even though I'm moving towards minimalism, there are still several essential accessories that I have either purchased or pulled out of hibernation in celebration of the best season of the year!  The best part is that all of these high quality accessories are simple enough to make the perfect addition to any basic outfit without overwhelming my style.  All of the items pictured below are items that I either own personally, or would recommend without a doubt to anyone looking to purchase a high quality item.  If you feel the urge to splurge on an accessory that will last you several seasons, don't hesitate to check the items out!

Now, on to the list!

1. The Blanket Scarf

Aztec Blanket Scarf
Aztec Blanket Scarf from Dynamite, $32.95 (regular price)

I have always been obsessed with scarves, but the fact that blanket scarves are in this Fall season makes my little heart sing!  For someone like me who likes to switch up my room decor, these scarves also double as a throw for the end of my bed!  It's important to choose a scarf that is made of a durable material that doesn't irritate your skin, so try the above pictured Aztec Blanket Scarf from Dynamite made from viscose, or the woolen blanket scarves from Aritzia pictured below.

Wilfred Wandering Blanket Scarf from Aritzia, $85.00 (regular price)

Wilfred Medina Blanket Scarf from Aritizia, $95.00 (regular price)
Wilfred Tangier Blanket Scarf from Aritzia, $85.00 (regular price) 

2. The Ankle Boot

VITULAZIO Ankle Boot from ALDO, $99.99 (regular price)
I'm an ankle boot fiend, but these shoes are perfect for that in-between weather!  Dress them up with a dress or skirt, or dress them down with a pair of cuffed jeans and an oversized sweater.  Don't be afraid to splurge on a pair of these!  A good quality pair of ankle boots will be a closet staple for the spring as well!  I always buy my ankle boots on sale from ALDO or Call It Spring, as I find the quality is great for the price, and I get great service when purchasing online.

CORTAZZO Ankle Boot from ALDO, $99.99 (regular price)
CREAN Ankle Boot from ALDO, $99.99 (regular price)

ADELIZA Ankle Boot from Call it Spring, $79.99 (regular price)

GROIVIEL Ankle Boot from Call It Spring, $64.99 (regular price), $27.99 SALE

RAYMONDIENNE Ankle Boot from Call It Spring, $79.99 (regular price)

METHAIDE Ankle Boot from ALDO, $89.99 (regular price), $45.00 SALE

MARGUARITTE Ankle Boot from Call It Spring, $69.99 (regular price)

3. A Leather Watch

Around the World Leather Watch from Urban Outfitters, $39.00 (regular price)
I don't usually wear watches in the warmer months, but once Autumn hits it seems only normal to pull out a leather watch!  I purchased the above pictured watch from Urban Outfitters about a month ago, and I've been wearing it non-stop!  I hope to purchase one or two of the others pictured below to add to my wardrobe.

Double Strap Watch from Urban Outfitters, $39.00 (regular price)
Alley Vault Watch from Urban Outfitters, $39.00 (regular price)
Original Boyfriend Mechanical Bone Leather Watch
Original Boyfriend Mechanical Leather Watch from Fossil, $223.59 (regular price)
Jacqueline Black Leather Watch
Jacqueline Black Leather Watch from Fossil, $155.84 (regular price)

4. The Perfect Handbag

HALIFAX from ALDO, $55.00 (regular price)
Nothing says Fall like the perfect handbag in the right hue.  While the majority of my handbags are black or brown, I like to introduce the right pop of an earth-tone colour for Fall.


xoxo, Jayy

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