Own Less, Wear What You Love!

Monday, October 12, 2015

One morning I was getting dressed, and I found myself facing a dilemma: I wanted to wear one of my favourite outfits, but I had already worn it the week before.  I spent a good twenty minutes going through my closet, trying to find something that could compare to the outfit that I really wanted to wear.  And then I realized something - there is absolutely no reason why I can't wear the same outfit twice.

I really don't know where we got the idea that we should not be seen wearing the same outfit more than once.  I have several outfits that make me feel/look amazing, so why should I be wearing something that make me feel/look less than amazing just for the sake of wearing new clothes?  Why should I put on fashions that I don't like, just for the sake of being "in style" or "trendy"?  I have several items of clothing in multiple colours and lengths, such as the below pictured basic shift dress from Old Navy, simply because it looks good on my body, and I know exactly how to wear it.

I partially understand why we refuse to wear the same outfit more than once - wearing unique outfits creates the illusion of having a lot of clothing, which for some reason is desirable in our society.  Also, for a lot of people, wearing unique outfits is just who they are - they like to be unique and express themselves through their clothing.  However the truth is that for a lot of people, having an abundance of clothing means having an abundance of cheaper quality clothing, which really isn't just worth it in my opinion.

What I'm trying to say is that really and truly, there's no problem with wearing the same outfit more than once.  If you wake up one morning and decide that you really want to wear that cute fall sweater + dress combo you wore last week, go for it!  And on the flip side, if you refuse to wear the same outfit more than once because it cramps your style, go ahead with that too!  Don't be afraid to make your own fashion rules, and define your own sense of style!

Cheers to unique outfits, or ones that you've worn a dozen times before!

xoxo, Jayy

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