I Miss You

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today marks 5 years since my maternal grandmother passed away.  It's been a long five years, in which I have almost achieved the educational goals that my grandmother so dearly wanted to see me attain.  In her honour, I share with you a poem I wrote in her memory four years ago.  It's not perfect (far from it), but I thought it would be nice to share.

You were the mighty oak, and I was the feeble sapling.
You reached toward the heavens with grace and majesty and all I could do was dream that one day, I would be as great as you.
You sheltered me with your branches and leaves.
You protected me from the biting winds and scorching sun.
I truly believed that I would live life in the shadow of your sweet shade forever.
But great oaks fall.
You fell slowly, growing weaker and weaker with each passing day until finally you could no longer support yourself and you let go.
Though you fell slowly and softly, it was like an entire forest had toppled over and my world shook with the force.
I felt you leave me.
I felt your life being torn from mine and I thought that surely I would fall too.
But I didn't and now I stand alone against the scorching sun.
Your place beside mine is a mess of rotting roots and wood.
You are rejoining the earth from which you once grew, you are now a part of the ground on which I stand.
I pull what's left of you in through my roots, I grow with you running through my branches.
I miss you, mighty oak.
But you live on inside of me.

© Jenell

In loving memory of B.S.R.

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