DIY Decor: Cube Storage Organization

Saturday, May 02, 2015

(Read to the end for a video version of this blog post!)

I'm a clothing hoarder, I admit it.  After years of trying to cram my clothing into drawers and closets, I've given up.  It's impossible to wear what you have when it's shoved underneath a pile of things you wear too often.  So, I invested in a cheap Closetmaid cube organizer, and decided to use it to hold clothing.

Cubeicals 6 Cube Organizer

These organizers are cheap but very simple to put together with an electric screwdriver.  If you're looking for a sturdier option, check out cube shelving units like the KALLAX series shelving units at IKEA.  I may invest in something like this one day IF I ever have more space.

After I put the unit together I decided to place it in the little nook right by my bedroom door.  Since this is right beside my closet, I have access to my closet clothing and the clothing on these shelves at the same time.

Instead of hiding my clothing in bins, or covering the entire organizer with a cloth, I decided to put my clothing on display.  To make the shelves accessible, I neatly folded bulky sweaters that I didn't wear often, and placed the scarves/belts I wear most often in the easiest accessible spots I could find.  This way I can still acces my clothing without making a huge mess.  This is what I ended up with:

From top left to bottom right: two small handbags, dark sweaters, neutral sweaters, belts (baskets from Walmart), rolled scarves, and more small handbags.

On top I used an embroidered napkin gifted to me by my aunt to prevent dust from collecting/showing up on the dark surface of the cube organizer.  A feather arrangement on the top along with my mandala "stained glass" jar (click here for the tutorial) completes the decor.  If I happen to be burning a candle, I will burn and store it on top of the shelf.

For the art on the walls, I used two large canvases purchased at the dollar store, along with decorative tulle, also from the dollar store.  I simply stapled the tulle to the back of the canvas, and sprayed with hairspray to minimize glitter fallout.

And that's it !  My closet/dresser is a little lighter now that all of these clothes are being displayed on these shelves, and I'm able to see everything I own when picking out an outfit.  This cute little organizer is the perfect extension of my closet, and allows me to hoard in style.

Today I decided to try something new and add a video to the post!  Check it out and let me know if you like the idea of having videos in addition to blog posts!  I know this isn't the best quality, but for a first time video I thought it would suffice.

I challenge you to take a look at your closets, and see how you can organize them better this spring!

Cheers to better closet organization!

- xoxo, Jayy

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