Wooden Lazy Susan Perfume Tray (Dresser Organization & Decor)

Monday, May 04, 2015

I use to be a complete perfume hoarder ... my Bath and Body Works stash was so big I had to hide it in several different places around my room so people wouldn't notice how many products I had.  Thankfully, I've cut down on the size of my collection, and I'm able to display it nicely instead of shoving it in boxes under my bed.

I wanted to share this simple idea for a Lazy Susan perfume tray that I put together using a Lazy Susan table from the dollar store, and a beautiful wooden bowl that I picked up from my local grocery store.  It's meant to be a salad bowl, but who cares (re-purposing for the win!)

This tray holds not only my perfumes and body sprays, but also my watches and brooches!  

Here's the whole collection laid out on my dresser.  This tray has saved me from looking at all the clutter!

All I had to do was place the Lazy Susan stand at the bottom of the salad bowl, and arrange the items neatly.  Not only does the glass tray blend seamlessly into the bowl, but it also protects it from being stained with the perfume should it leak, and allows me to access things hidden in the back by turning the turntable, not the entire bowl.

Hope this gives some of you an idea of how to organize your dresser!

- xoxo, Jayy

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