Day 3 – Lessons Learned.

Yesterday I talked about my minimalist journey, and where I stand.  Today I thought I’d share some of the lessons I learned so fare on this journey.

I like simplicity.
This one is a given, but my journey into minimalism has reinforced my love for simplicity.  I was reminded of what I started this journey when I opened a drawer this morning and found it full to overflowing with sweaters.  I hated how it looked, and I hated how it made me feel.  As much as I love to acquire material items, they don’t make me happy.  In the long term, I’m happier with fewer, high quality items. 

Minimalism drowns the noise.
Having lots of stuff creates clutter in my mind.  In fact, sometimes that clutter is so loud that I am painfully aware of it as I’m trying to sleep at night.  That’s why minimalism became so appealing to me at first.  It allowed me to throw the clutter away, and silence the noise.  I miss that part of decluttering – the physical act of clearing out my closet was so therapeutic, because it was like I was shutting up my anxiety, one item at a time.

I care about the earth.
As I learned more about minimalism, I began to see its positive impacts on the environment.  So now, I avoid even shopping at certain fast fashion stores (Forever21, H&M) because of the poor quality of the clothing.  I made the mistake of shopping at H&M this past fall, and was quickly reminded of the importance of buying higher quality pieces.  Throwing clothing and accessories in the garbage is not only a waste; it’s also harmful to the earth.  I don’t want or need that on my conscience.

That’s all for now folks.  Hope your new year is going well!

Xoxo, Jayy

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