Day 2.

Hello All,

I haven’t posted about minimalism in a while, not on my YouTube channel, nor on this blog.  Truthfully, it’s because I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, so I wanted to tell you all about it.

I started my journey towards minimalism as a way to cut back on my spending.  I thought that it would be a way for me to curb my habit, and focus more on life rather than material objects.  However what ended up happening was that I got caught up in the “wrong version” of minimalism.  I got sucked into minimalism as a trend rather than minimalism as a lifestyle change, and that’s where things began to go wrong.

Instead of saving money, I was spending even more on items that fit into the minimalist aesthetic – more black clothing (which I actually do love), simple cuts and styles (which I sometimes love), and room d├ęcor that fit with the minimalist vibe.  And then, lo and behold, I realized that I didn’t really feel that was right for me, and so I spent time (and more money) exploring and restoring my own personal sense of style.

Instead of purging and downsizing, I actually found myself replacing items quite often.  The thing is, that I actually don’t feel like I need to have one of those finely curated closets, or a capsule wardrobe with only 50 items.  That aspect of minimalism just isn’t for me.  So then I began to wonder … am I even a minimalist?

This journey into minimalism was great, because it forced me to develop a sense of style, one that I truly love.  And I learned so much (lessons which I will share in another post).

But now, I don’t really know where I stand.  Do I continue down this minimalist journey, or do I try to figure out my own way?  I feel as though I’m at a fork in the road, and I’m not quite sure which path to take.

I guess we’ll find out together J

Xoxo, Jayy

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