Stop Buying for the Life You Don't Have. #MinimalismMonday

I'm guilty of doing this all the time.  I buy a dress to wear for a wedding "just in case" I have to go to one.  I pick up some makeup from the store "just in case" I want to wear it.  A new jacket "just in case" the other two I have don't match my outfit.  Just in case, just in case, just in case.  And with today being Boxing Day in Canada, I need to remind myself of this more than ever.

For most people, once they reach a certain age or stage in life, their lifestyle sort of becomes regular, and they get more familiar with their personal likes and dislikes.  For me, after graduating from school and getting a full time job, I know what my regular life looks like.  I also know who my friends are and what we like to do when we hang out, so certain things (like party dresses) are not necessary for me to own.  I also know what I like to do in my spare time, how I like to dress, what my decor style is ... Bottom line is I know who I am.  And while there are some parts of myself or my life that I might like to change, I cannot shop for the life I don't have.  Which means I need to learn to stop buying things that don't fit into my current life.

Perfect example - I wanted to decorate my room with a certain theme.  Instead of planning ahead and thinking about the practicality of the items I wanted to use, I just went with it and bought any and everything that fit that theme.  Now I have been getting rid of several gently used (expensive) items that not only add no value to my life, but also don't work with the theme or even the space I purchased them for.  Bottom line?  If I had shopped for the space I had instead of the space I wanted, I wouldn't have wasted money and time buying junk.

If you're not a party girl, don't buy club wear unless you actually need it.  If you're not moving into your own space, don't shop for housewares.  If anything you should be SAVING for the life you want, instead of shopping for it.  That way, if that life doesn't become a reality for you, at least you have your savings, with which you could pursue a new goal.

Take it from me guys - stop buying for the life you don't have.

xoxo, Jayy

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