Filling The Void.

I've always admired good marketing strategies.  You know, the advertisements that make you laugh, cry, think, feel.  The ones that promise to make you better - smarter, happier, stronger, faster, bigger, braver, always more than what you are now.  

Nowadays you can find ad placement in movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, songs, books ... the things we used to turn to for relaxation and entertainment now tell us how we can be better than we are now, how we can add value to our lives.  We've been sold the idea that there's a hole inside of us, one that can be filled by the things we buy.

And so we buy things, because we have convinced that "things" will add value to our lives.

I want to get away from that idea.  I want to stop feeling as though my void can be filled by stuff.  I want to fill it with experiences, loved ones, myself.  I want to complete myself, without the use of material things.

I think that's a huge part of the minimalist journey - learning not to lean on material things as a crutch or filler for the emptiness inside.  Minimalism isn't about less stuff, it's about accepting you, holes and all.

Cheers to wherever this journey takes me next.

xoxo, Jayy

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