The Words Just Keep Coming.

I originally intended These are the Words to be a short collection of poems that I wrote at the end of 2015.  I thought I would be able to share them on this blog over the 29 days of February, and that would be it.

However, this have turned into so much more.

The more poems I share, the more I have to share.  My blog has turned into a museum for my feelings - fears, tears, happiness, anger ... I have laid them out on display here.  And like I said, they just keep coming.  So, I will be continuing to share my poems with you.

However I wrote a poem for the end of this journey in anticipation that it would be ending at the end of the 29 days.  I still wanted to share that with you today.

The beauty is not in the poet,
Or even in the words.
The beauty is in the soul of the reader,
Which resonates with the sentiments expressed.

These are the words that thank you, dear reader, for seeing the beauty these words have held for so long.



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