DIY Beauty: Natural Heat Protectants!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm one of those people that love to put heat on my hair.  So naturally, I've been on the hunt for ways to protect my hair from damage.  I use Tresemme's heat protectant sprays (both the regular one and the one from the Pllatinum Strength line), but I also use various oils!

Small amounts of certain oils can actually protect your hair from heat damage!  The oil creates a barrier between the heat and your hair, and locks in moisture.  To use oil and heat, apply a leave-in conditioner and your heat protectant spray, then seal in in with an oil of your choice.  Below is a list of my favourite oils to use when using heat to style my hair!

Grapeseed Oil
This oil adds shine and leaves hair feeling soft without that heavy greasy feel.  It works very well for ladies (and gents) with naturally curly hair.  Apply to your hair in small sections and comb through to ensure even distribution. This oil can also be used instead of shaving cream for a smooth shave!

Moroccan Argan Oil
This oil has stormed the hair care market over the past couple of years, and for good reason!  It is high in omega 3, fatty acids, and vitamin E, making it great for those who use heat in their hair as well as those who don't.  Moroccan argan oil not only protects from heat, but also nourishes and restores dry, damaged hair. This oil comes in many forms, but I love to purchase the Organix weightless healing dry oil, as it adds shine and softness without weighing down my hair.  This product is not completely natural, but it does work wonders for my hair.  I apply this oil before blow drying and flat ironing.

Coconut Oil
It is no secret that I love coconut oil.  It is light and adds the perfect amount of shine. I always apply a small amount before blow drying, and then I add more as needed as I flat iron.  Feel free to reapply even after you have finished styling to keep your hair soft and moisturized.  Just don't apply too much in the winter!  Since this oil is solid at room temperature, applying too much in the colder months can cause your hair to freeze solid when you're outside.  

Olive Oil
This is another one of my most loved oils.  Olive oil adds the best shine to my hair, and I noticed that my hair is really soft a day or two after my hair has had a chance to absorb the oil.  This oil is heavy, so I often mix it with the coconut oil (using equal parts).  I apply prior to blow drying to give my hair a chance to really soak up as much as possible.

Shea Oil
I usually use this when I'm out of the other oils, or when I want to try something more moisturizing.  Shea is really heavy, so I usually mix it with coconut oil before applying to my hair (using equal parts of both).  I always put this in before blow drying to make sure my hair gets a chance to absorb it.  I love the moisture and the scent, and mixed with the coconut oil it gives great shine.

Hope you found this post helpful!  Try using these oils alone, or mix them together to find the perfect natural heat protectant mixture for you!  I will post a few recipes of my own in the near future :).

Cheers to natural hair products!

xoxo, Jayy

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