DIY Fashion: Embellished Spine Shirt

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Who wants an embellished shirt?  Everyone apparently.  So today, here's a DIY for a shirt that I actually have not seen anywhere yet!  I'm claiming this as an original idea ;).

For this DIY you will need:
1 plain shirt. I used a plain white t-shirt, but this would look nice on a blouse/dress shirt as well!
Beads/sequins and other embellishments.  I took apart a few bracelets that I bought in sets, 3 for 35 cents!
Needle small enough to fit through the beads.
Thread the same colour as your shirt.

If you want this to be budget friendly, use a slightly worn plain shirt out of your closet, and beads from old jewelry!  Or, hunt around in your local thrift store or dollar store for materials for this project. 

Let's get started!  This is literally the easiest DIY you will ever find.  


If you're lucky like me, your shirt will have a seam down the back that you can use as a guide.  If you're unlucky, lay your shirt flat on a smooth surface and draw a straight line (use a ruler!) down the middle using a pencil or some fabric chalk.  The line will not be visible in the end.

Now, we sew!  Literally all I did was run the needle through the beads and the fabric.  I accidentally clustered them together because I wasn't sewing straight, but it turned out way nicer than I expected!  If you want your beads in a straight line, I recommend sewing vertically (point your needle in the same direction as the line).

Here's the finished product!  I mixed some rhinestone beads in for a glam look.

Leaving all the embellishment in the back creates a classy but glam piece of clothing! This would look great with some jeans, boots and a scarf for the winter season.  In the summer, pair it with leggings or shirts and some sandals for that "laid back chic" look.  I recommend wearing it without any jewelry so that the shirt can really shine through!

Hope you give everyone something to talk about behind your back!
(Sorry for my lame attempt at humor.)

xoxo, Jayy

P.S. HAPPY 2013!!

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