DIY Fashion: High-Low Skirt

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Following a trend is easy and affordable when you DIY + thrift shop!!!  Today's tutorial is on how to make a high-low skirt out of a skirt that I purchased from a thrift store!

For this diy you will need:

An old (but good enough to wear) long skirt.
A short skirt that is the length that you want the shortest part of your skit to be
A pencil/fabric chalk (guess what I used)
Thread and needle or a sewing machine

The first thing I did was turn my long skirt inside out, and lay my short skirt over the long skirt.  I then measured out how short I wanted the "high" part to be.

Sorry that this picture isn't really clear.  What I did was fold the skirt in half so that the front sides were together, and the back sides were together.  I then drew a line from the front to back indicating where I should cut.  When cutting, make sure you leave a 1 inch seam allowance!

The rest is straight forward.  Pin the hem and sew it up!  I did it by hand but doing this with a machine would go by MUCH faster.

And voila!  You have your high-low skirt!

This DIY project was from a few months back but I never got to posting it.  I did make some last minute alterations on the skirt so that the difference in length wasn't so drastic.  It's cute enough to wear during the fall months since the material is nice and thick.

Hope this is helpful to you re-fashionistas out there!
Good luck!

-xoxo, Jayy

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