Unlearn! [#MoneySavingMondays]

Decluttering can be fun, addictive even.  I remember the first time I got rid of items I didn't want ... it felt so freeing.  The more you purge, the more you want to purge, until you've gotten rid of all of the items in your home that do not add value to your life.

But ... then what?  When you're staring at empty drawers and piles of empty hangers ... what do you do?  If you're someone who is addicted to the concept of purchasing and owning material possessions, then all you've done is created space for more items.  That's the problem I ran into when I first started decluttering.  I did a great job of cleaning out my clothing and accessories, but then I felt ... empty without all of my stuff.  I felt the urge to replace my items with newer ones, and so the cycle began.

When trying to make a life change, such as trying to lead a more minimalist lifestyle, it is important to tackle the habit, and not the result of the habit.  Yes, I may have too much stuff, but that's the result of my shopping/hoarding tendencies.  I can't just get rid of my excessive possessions, I need to stop myself from purchasing items in excess.

Does that make sense?

The point is, when you are trying to save money, you have to focus on unlearning those poor habits that cause you to spend money.  Treat the problem at the root.  Why do you feel the need to purchase so many pieces of clothing, when you won't really wear them all?  Why do you feel the need to go out to eat so often, when you are great at cooking and could make this food for half the price?  Why spend money, when there are ways to save?

Cheers to unlearning unhealthy habits, and learning to be financially healthy!

xoxo, Jayy

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