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Clothing stores like Forever21, H&M, Romwe, Shein, Topshop, Sirens, Urban Planet etc. all have one thing in common - if you want the latest trends, shop here.  These places offer fashionable items of clothing at low, "affordable" prices.  They're the perfect place for the fashionista to shop, and are often referred to "fast fashion" stores for their ability to mass produce fashionable clothing quickly, and at low costs.
However there are a few things wrong with this picture.

 1. Fast fashion stores often sell clothing made of low quality.  Clothing from these stores are rarely meant to last more than a few washes without falling apart.  Needless to say, this is bad for your wallet.  

If that blouse you bought for $25.00 only lasts you 5 washes, you've paid $5.00 per wear for that item.  Now that doesn't sound too bad, but when you consider how many items of clothing you purchase from fast fashion stores, and how little you get to wear them, it begins to add up.  In comparison, a shirt you bought at a higher end store for $50.00 is well made, and can stand up to 100 washes.  You've paid $0.50 per wear of that item, making it a much more budget friendly purchase over time.  That $50.00 blouse will probably last you a few years, whereas that $25.00 fashionable blouse will last you a few months.  And even if that fast fashion blouse lasts you a little longer, it won't be something you want to continue wearing once the item goes out of style.

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2. Fast fashion is harmful for the environment.  Since many fast fashion items are too flimsy to stand up to multiple wears, often the clothing doesn't make it to thrift stores once the wearer is ready to let it go.  This means that more and more clothing items are ending up in landfills, and polluting the earth.

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To avoid this issue, try repurposing fast fashion items into rags, stuffing for pillows, kindling for fires, etc.  This will allow you to enjoy that item in another way, and cause less damage to the environment.

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3. Fast fashion contributes to unfair and unsafe working conditions.  Did you ever stop to think about how your brand new pair of $10.00 jeans were made?  You can be sure that no company could function if they were not making a profit off of their merchandise.  Fast fashion companies save money at the source, by underpaying the workers who make your clothing.  By paying workers pennies to make your clothes, and forcing them to work in unsafe factories and sweatshops, retailers are able to make profits while selling you items that are priced within your budget.

The only way to avoid this issue is to avoid fast fashion retailers.  Shop at stores that are committed to human rights and safe and equitably working conditions.  I know those stores can be pricey, so SAVE in order to buy high quality items that are worth the money.  Or, shop at thrift stores to put your money to good use.

This post was a little longer than usual, but I hope it was informative!

Cheers to slowing down our fashion choices, and making ethical choices.

xoxo, Jayy

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