Shop Early [#MoneySavingMondays]

This tip may seem counteractive, but hear me out!

I know my friends and family well.  Well enough to know exactly what they like when I see it in the store.  And when I see it on sale for a good price, I might just buy it for them, even if their birthday or Christmas is months away.  Why?  Because shopping in advance is the perfect way to save money.  Why buy an item for three times the regular price, when you can get the same thing for a fraction of the cost?

Now, this tip only works for people who won't be asking you for the newest or most in-style items.  If they're picky, it might be harder to buy what they're asking for in advance.  But for that friend who's willing to accept a nice item, even if it isn't fresh off the runway or out of the catalog, this tip is perfect!

Cheers to shopping early, and on a budget!

xoxo, Jayy

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