The 10% Rule [#MoneySavingMondays]

Hello beautiful people!

I thought I'd start a new little series here on the blog. If you cant tell my the title of this post, I'm calling it 'Money Saving Mondays'.  I'll be sharing my best tried and true tips for saving money!

Tip number one is all about the small savings: Save 10% of your income every time you get paid.

This tip is so simple, but such a great way to save a large sum of money.  Say you make $800.00 per week.  You save $80.00 in a special savings account, and spend the other $720.00 on bills, needs, and wants.  That $80.00 might not seem like a lot, but that will add up to $4160.00 in 52 weeks!!

This tip is great if you like to spend your hard earned money, but still want to be able to save towards a bigger goal.  Imagine what you could do with $4160.00 ... A vacation here and there, a downpayment on a car, or if you wait a few years, a downpayment on a condo or house!

I hope this #MoneySavingMonday tip helps you on your journey to financial freedom!  Share your favourite money saving tips in the comments below!

Cheers to saving!

xoxo, Jayy

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