DIY Beauty: Avocado Seed Scrub

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the St. Ives Apricot scrub that uses pieces of the apricot seed to exfoliate dead skin!  Today we will be making an avocado seed scrub that does the same thing.

You will need:

- One Avocado
- A knife
- A blender or an electric coffee grinder
- Time
- Either: olive oil and a banana OR leftover avocado and lemon juice OR your favourite facial cleanser.

Cut your avocado and remove the seed from the middle.  Rinse the seed with water.  If you plan to use the avocado fruit to make the face mask a few days from now, sprinkle it with lemon juice on the cut edge, and hope it doesn't spoil.

Leave the seed to dry out completely ... it can take anywhere from three days to one week depending on your climate.  Leave it out in the hot sun or by a window to speed up the process!

Once your seed has dried, cut it into quarters and blend it in your blender/electric coffee grinder until the seed is finely ground.

From here you have three options.  Option one is to add some of the ground avocado seed to either some olive oil and half a mashed banana to create an all natural facial scrub.  Option two is to take some avocado fruit and add two tablespoons of lemon juice, and some ground avocado seed.  Option three is to add some of the avocado seed to your favourite facial cleanser.

Regardless of which option you choose, I recommend only making enough scrub for one use.  I do not recommend making a large batch of either recipe option ... All options will spoil if not used quickly, or stored correctly.  I suggest making a small batch, and storing the rest of the avocado seed in the refrigerator for later use.  Use less seed for a less intense exfoliation, and more seed for a more intense exfoliation. Only use this scrub a maximum of twice a week to ensure that you do not over-exfoliate and rub your skin raw.

Though I found this recipe online, check out this video to see how the process is done, and what it will look like in the end!

Check out my DIY Beauty page for more natural beauty recipes!  I especially recommend the Coconut Body Butter Bars, and the Natural Hair Lightening Honey Mask!

Cheers to soft skin!

xoxo, Jayy


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