Minimalism & The Holidays - Gift Giving

Monday, December 05, 2016

I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate being given gifts that I don't want/need.  Nobody likes those generic bath and body products that break out your skin, or that itchy sweater two sizes two small, or that really ugly room decor item that you are now forced to display for the next year.

On the flip side, nobody likes knowing that they're giving someone stuff that they would hate.  (Unless you're a Scrooge, which you might be).  So, how do you avoid giving people gifts that add no joy or value to their life?

1. Straight up ask them what they want.  People are often willing to at least hint at the items that they need, or would really like to receive for Christmas.

2. Pay attention to what people talk about.  Some people unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) drop hints about what they would like to receive as gifts.  I have a friend who talks non-stop about how much she loves my blanket scarves, so I grabbed her one as a gift.  When I go shopping with a friend, I pay attention to the items they say they love, but never pick up.  Those are great hints for what you could get a person for a gift!

3. Take them shopping with you!  Sometimes it's nice to make a day of things.  Take your gift recipient out on a nice lunch or dinner, and allow them to choose an item for you to purchase.  It makes the gift giving process more inclusive and enjoyable.

4. Gift Cards!  I know gift cards have gotten a bad rep as being impersonable, but they really aren't a bad option!  I have a friend who loves to shop at a particular store, and I'd hate to get her something she's already bought.  So I give her a gift card for said store, and now she's able to pick something out, on me!

5. Give the gift you know they need.  Gas cards, socks & underwear, grocery cards .... these may not be fun or exciting, but it definitely would be appreciated by someone who appreciates the value of the necessities.   

6. Gift receipts are your best friend.  If all else fails, ensure that they can return the gift if they so choose.  I know some people are wary of their friend/family member knowing how much they spent on a gift.  But if you're like me and you really don't care, pop that gift receipt in there so they can exchange it if they wish!

Those are just some tips for gift giving with a minimalist mindset.  I know there are more out there, so please do share if you have any ideas!

Cheers to keeping the clutter out of everyone's homes this holiday season!

xoxo, Jayy!

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