Declutter Every Day in December (DEDD) - Day 1 (Clothing)

Welcome to DEDD my friends!  Today we start off with the easy task of decluttering a different set of items each day for the rest of the month.  The goal?  To enter into the New Year with only the items that add value and meaning to your life.

Let's get into the easier stuff - clothing.

If you've never gotten rid of clothing before, this is going to be a difficult task.  For the newbies, I recommend setting one or two extra days aside to complete this task.  I also recommend checking out a few YouTube videos to see how other people got rid of their excess stuff.  Here's one of mine for reference:

Here are the steps we are all going to follow:

1. Take ALL of your clothes out of closets, drawers, boxes, bags, etc.  If you have too much clothes, either do this over several days, or go by category (tops, bottoms, dresses/rompers, etc.)  However ideally you will do all your clothes at one time, so you can see exactly how much stuff you have.

2. Go through each item, and consider if it adds value to your life.  (Hint - the item you haven't worn in 2 years doesn't add value.  Nor does the item that gives you blisters.  That item that is falling apart at the seams needs to go!)

3. Sort the items you are giving away into 3 piles - Sell, Donate, Trash.

4. Store the items you are keeping in their proper storage areas, and marvel at the items you have kept!

5. Make sure the giveaway items are removed from your home within 7 days of completing this process.  For this challenge, it's okay to wait a couple of days before getting rid of items, or else you would be selling/donating items every day!  Just make sure to keep them stored away and ready to be taken out of your living space, so as to avoid having items creep back into your closet.

And that's it!  We have completed day one!

Cheers to decluttering our clothes!

xoxo, Jayy

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