Declutter Every Day in December Day 5 - Technology

Hello and happy Monday my friends!

Today we are decluttering our technology.  And at first I know this will seem odd, but hear me out.

How many extra/back up pairs of headphones do you have?  Or how many pairs do you have that are half working?
How many of your old phones are sitting in a drawer somewhere?
How many extra cords and cables do you own that you don't even use?
What about old batteries?
Do you still hang on to old cases for laptops, phones etc.?
Do you own several USBs?  Do you even know what's on them?

Were you surprised by your answers to those questions?  I know I was.  I own  a lot of random technology items that I don't need, use, or even remember that I own.  So, it's time to pull it all out, and re-evaluate.

After you have set up your pile of technology items (including cameras, phones, laptops, tablets, cords, cables, house phones, DVD players and even your TV!) it's time to get started.  Now for this one, I don't recommend throwing all of your items on the floor, especially something as big as  TV.  Just make sure you don't forget to re-evaluate each item's usefulness in your life, even if you aren't physically moving it.

Okay here we go with the questions!  Only 5 today, but I think they make their point:

  • When was the last time you used this item?  Do you enjoy using it?
  • Do you know what this item is for?
  • Does this item function properly? (If not, maybe you could use some of the money you make during this challenge to replace it!)
  • Do you own multiples of this item?  Do you need to?
  • Could you do without this item? (For example, if you usually use your cellphone, do you need your home phone?  If you usually watch shows online, could you perhaps do without a DVD player?)
Once you have sorted your items into their respective piles (keep, sell, trash, donate), put your keep pile away.  For the items you are giving away or selling, make sure to wipe items clean of personal data before sending them on their way.

And my friends, you have decluttered your technology items.  Congrats!  As we head into day 6 of this challenge, how are you feeling?  I hope that this challenge is making a positive impact on the way you view your posessions 😀.

Cheers to a new outlook!

xoxo, Jayy

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