Minimalism & The Holidays - Black Friday

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about the challenges of adopting a minimalist lifestyle during the holiday season.  I LOVE the holidays - thrive on it even!  Despite the winter blues, the holiday season is always a happy time of year for me.  But this year, after getting rid of all of my junk, I really was curious to see what the holiday season would mean to me.

Cue Black Friday - and oh what wonderful sales there were.  There were a few items I did NEED - a new winter coat, winter boots, and a couple of work appropriate sweaters.  As I shopped (online) for these items, I found some real gems!  But I made the mistake of purchasing a few items that I really didn't need .... and I instantly regretted it.  I was actually quite surprised to look at the items and realize that they brought me no joy.  Look at that - I adopted the Konmari method without even reading her book!  I ended up returning 8 items - sweaters, shirts, and even a jacket that I realized brought me no happiness, and added absolutely no value to my life.

I've come to realize that even though I still (and probably always will) love shopping, after getting rid of things that add no value to my life, I see no reason to continue to purchase items that will only end up in a giant donation bag in a few months.  There's no sense in wasting my money for the thrill of shopping, when I can achieve the same thrill from window shopping or online browsing.  Even if those items are on an incredible sale (40-60% off!!!!!), it still amounts to waste if it's not a necessary addition to my life.

Black Friday will always be fun for me.  The time spent on finding a great deal on an item I really need, or on an item a friend wants for Christmas, will always be enjoyable to me.  But what's even more enjoyable is the satisfaction I get from knowing that I have spent my money wisely, and that my life will remain light and uncluttered.

Cheers to you, and to finding items that bring joy to your life!

xoxo, Jayy

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