Find a New Hobby [#MoneySavingMondays]

This tip is for my shopaholics out there!  If you spend your free time shopping - whether in store or online - you've got to find a new hobby!  I don't care if you're just "going to the mall to look around", or "just browsing online".  Tell me, how many of those "just looking" mall visits have resulted in you finding the "perfect sale"?  Or how many of those evenings spent "just browsing" your favourite online shops have you spent reaching for your credit card after finding a cute pair of shoes?

If shopping is a temptation for you, you HAVE to replace it with something that doesn't require you to reach for you wallet.  I chose to start going to the gym, but you could try reading, hiking, finding a part time job, starting a blog of your own ... the list of potential hobbies is endless!

Replace your unhealthy habits with healthier ones.  Trust me, your bank account will thank you!

Cheers to building healthier habits!

xoxo, Jayy

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