The Lifesaving Magic of Purging People.

The Lifesaving Magic of Tidying Up has taken the world by storm.  Okay not the world, just the niche YouTube decluttering community, but it's still made quite the ripple.

I haven't read the book - I'm not one to read about cleaning up - but from what I gather, this lifechanging book is about how to declutter your life because "Less Stuff, Less Stress" right?  The principles the author has laid out are supposed to be quite effective, and based on the many YouTube videos I've watched, they are great for getting people to clean out their junk.

For me, tidying up is only part of the problem.  If I want to live a life of less stress, it's not about just having less "stuff", it's about leading a simpler life all together.  I've already talked about purging my possessions, but what I haven't touched on is purging people.

Now I know this seems a bit extreme.  Cutting out the people in your life is after all the surest way to end up alone.  But bear with me, I promise there's something to this.

Take a look at your contacts in your phone.  How many of those people do you actually contact?   How about the people on your Facebook friends list?  How many of them do you care about, and how many of them are just on your list so you can show off/stalk them (and vice versa)? How many social media accounts do you have, and how many of those are adding value to your life?

Now, imagine what would happen if if you cut back on the people in your life.  You know, cleaned up your contact list (get rid of that ex-best friend from high school, ex-boyfriend, ex-crushes, ex-friends), removed a few people from your Facebook friends list, closed down a couple social media accounts that really were just a waste of your time.

Would you feel free-er?  Would you feel happier?  I know I did.  After purging the people that didn't matter from my view, I found that it was a lot easier for me to connect with the friends that I actually wanted to connect with.  When I logged onto social media, I connected with the people I truly cared about, rather than being barraged with people who added no meaning to my life.  That's not to say that I'm not open to new people or new experiences.  It just means that I have made room in my life for the people that matter, and I have closed the door on the people that don't.

Why don't you try it?  Let me know how it goes.

Cheers to purging the wrong people, so you have more room for the right ones!

xoxo, Jayy

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