I'm non-confrontational.  I avoid conflict at all cost, even if that means keeping my mouth shut on topics that are controversial.  I also avoid taking the unpopular stance - If I do not believe in something that goes against the majority belief, I will not voice my opinions.

While I think being non-confrontational is a good trait, I think there's something to be said for taking a stance, even if it is the unpopular one.  We are what we believe, and if we are afraid to stand for what we believe ... who are we?

I'm starting to learn to take a stand for my beliefs.  To voice my opinions and stand by them.  To be open to changing my stance if I am wrong, but also to understand that sometimes there is no "wrong".  Sometimes there is just your opinion, and the other opinion(s), and the only right way is the way that sits well with you.

I'm writing this post to encourage someone out there to take a stance.  Don't be afraid of what will happen if you do.  Or be afraid, it's up to you.  Just do it - take a stance.  Voice your opinion.  See what happens.


xoxo, Jayy.

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