Empty Vessels.

I'm a social worker.  And if you know anything about social workers, you know that social workers are great at taking care of everyone but themselves.  I think it comes with the territory - anyone who has a passion for helping others also has a tendency to lose themselves while doing so.

It's an oddly tough lesson to learn.  But not caring for yourself comes at a high price.  You can lose a lot - your sanity, your happiness, your ability to function - all can be lost if you do not consider your mental health to be a priority.

You can't serve from an empty vessel.  You can't help anyone when you can't help yourself.  If you are to save the world, you must first be able to save yourself.

I'm writing this as a reminder to myself, and as encouragement to everyone out there who forgets to fill themselves up before serving others.  Serving on empty is pointless.  It's meaningless, and it's a sure path to failure.

Love yourself.  Serve yourself.  Care for yourself.  Then serve others.


xoxo, Jayy

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