Wednesday, March 02, 2016

To those who are here because they have to be,
But not because they want to be,
To those that trudge through the emptiness
Waiting for peace:

I know that you meet mornings with dread,
And wish that the sunrise would swallow you whole.
I know that despite the sleepless nights
The darkness you find in between the covers
Is more comfortable than the searing brightness of the day.

I know that sometimes it’s not the morning you fear.
I know that the nights can be hard too.
Left awake with your fears, tears, and Godless prayers
Wishing that this would end
Or maybe that you would end.

I know that the monotony of each day can be draining,
But sometimes it’s the only thing that moves you along.
And while you would love for everything to just pause for a while
You fear that your comma would turn into a full stop.

But I also know that
One day you just might wake to the dawn of a better day.
One day you might be able to shelve the dread
And greet each morning with anticipation instead.

I know that happiness sometimes lies around and within sorrow.
I know that for some, the two are combined.
I know that joy looks different on every heart,
I know that peace is your ultimate goal.

For peace’s sake, please wait a while longer.



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