Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My life follows a rather uneven path.
It is a life lived between self-loating and self-acceptance and self-love.
It is a record of a journey through this world that is uncertain at best.
It is a million and one lessons wrapped up in blood, love, sweat, and tears.


There are “wake up and seize the day!” days,
And there are “stay in bed until your anxiety throws you out” days.
And even though rainbow promises are plenty,
Sometimes we have to dig deep for that pot of gold.

Good things come to those who don’t stop believing,
But so do bad things.
And so do in-between things that start off good but end up bad,
Or start off bad but end up good.
Nothing is ever really neat and polished.
Forget happy endings – we are lucky if things truly end at all.
Closure is a luxury.
But so is laughter, and sometimes that is the sweetest of escapes.

I write this all down because it is a reminder that I am alive,
And that I feel, and that I do not feel alone.

I do not journey alone.

- J


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