Monday, February 01, 2016

I am Black.
And Blue.
From squeezing myself into the box I have been told I belong in.

My big hair and I … we do not fit.

My Blackness,
And my Indian-ness,
And my Guyanese-ness,
And my South American-ness,
And my Canadian-ness,
And I,
We do not fit.

The strong woman that I am,
And the weak woman that I am,
And the shy, scared, bold, brave women that I am,
They do not fit.

I do not like being told how to be.
I do not fit in neatly defined boxes.
I cannot be defined in 250 characters or less.
I refuse to be crammed into a size one fits all, skinny mini identity.

I do not fit.



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