Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I have this really bad habit of overdoing things.
Like the time that I learned to bake apple-cinnamon muffins.
I baked them twice a week because I was scared that I would forget how.
(I didn’t.)

Or when I saw my favourite shirt on sale, I bought it in every colour “just in case”.
I don’t even like sky blue.  Or burnt orange.
And then there was that time that I bought 13 bottles of shampoo on sale for $3.49.
For some reason I was really worried that I would run out of shampoo.
I had to hide those from my mom or else she’d tell me I was crazy.

The trouble is, I don’t know when enough is enough.
Actually that’s not true – I do.
But try explaining ‘enough’ to the voice inside my head that says “keep going, keep going, just once more, now another”.
It’s like, if I don’t overdo it, then somehow I’m not enough.

… I guess the trouble is, I don’t know when I’m enough.



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