41 Ways I Cope With the Winter Blues (That Don't Involve Shopping)

Monday, January 11, 2016

I actually do sit by the lake in winter.  Not for long, but I actually do it.
 If you live by a large body of water, try it.
You get all the soothing sounds of the water, without the annoying
noise from other people that you get during the summer.
  1. Journal.
  2. Text a friend.
  3. Ignore phone calls.
  4. Sleep in.
  5. Take a nap.
  6. Disconnect from the world.
  7. Reconnect with old friends.
  8. Spend the day in bed.
  9. Read a favourite book of poetry. (Bonus points for doing this while doing number 2).
  10. Watch cartoons on YouTube.
  11. Update Spotify playlists.
  12. Make a smoothie.
  13. Go to bed early.
  14. Enjoy the sunrise.
  15. Clean.
  16. Burn candles.
  17. Clean while burning candles.
  18. Eat breakfast.
  19. Blog.
  20. Drink tea.
  21. Get nails done.
  22. Grab coffee with a friend.
  23. Take vitamins.
  24. Turn the heat up.
  25. Sit by the lake. 
  26. Don't freeze while sitting by the lake.
  27. Go to the lake after work and watch the sunset over the skyline.
  28. Try a face mask.
  29. Take a shower.
  30. Deep-condition.
  31. Make body butter.
  32. Trim hair.
  33. Cook dinner (or breakfast or lunch).
  34. Bake cookies.
  35. Listen to new music.
  36. Watch a new show.
  37. Binge-watch an old show.
  38. Clean out your closet.
  39. Get rid of clutter.
  40. Get crafty.
  41. Sit in silence.

This started off as "10 Ways to Cope With the Winter Blues", but as you can see it has progressed far past that.

Do nothing.
Enjoy the little things.
There are lots of ways to be kind to yourself.

Love yourself this winter.

I also take Snapchat selfies while sleeping,
 and send them to friends just for kicks.
xoxo, Jayy

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