Simple Tea Chest

Friday, March 06, 2015

I'm a huge tea fan. I have an entire cubby in my room dedicated to all things tea.  You can't see it, but those tea boxes go three rows deep, and there are cans of tea behind those water bottles.  This picture was taken AFTER I made this DIY so I have a lot more tea than this ...

For someone like me with limited space, that's a huge deal.  It was important for me to be able to find an accessible way for me to store my tea in my room, without compromising on aesthetics.  Tea chests can be quite expensive, so I of course turned to DIY-ing!  With a little strategizing, I came up with the perfect solution.

Today's DIY is super easy, but also really helpful for anyone who is looking for an easy storage solution.  Though I call this a tea chest, realistically this is good for pretty much anything!

This is my tea chest:

Isn't the box beautiful?!  I purchased it at Winners for $7.99 + tax, but you can find similar ones at Marshalls!  It's by the brand Punch Studios.  

Now typically a tea chest comes with dividers and compartments for you to store your tea.  You could create your own dividers and divide up the box using those, but this blog is called the Lazy Girl's DIY for a reason.  Instead of making dividers and ruining the box by gluing or taping them in, I used the boxes and cans the tea comes in to make my tea chest functional with the option to rearrange as I switch out teas.

By sheer luck I was able to fit all of my open tea boxes and cans into this one box.  If you look closely, you can tell that I've left the tea boxes intact and simply folded down the top and side flaps as shown below to make the tea boxes fit into the larger box.

(This is my favourite tea by the way, so if you see it, give it a try!)

If you have extra space that needs filling, use it to store other tea-related items such as sugar packets, tea stirrers, or baggies of loose tea.  I used my extra space to store packets of Emergen-C Vitamin C, but you can barely even tell they're there.

The best part about this "tea chest" is that because the tea fits so snugly in the box, I can store this thing on its side without worrying about making a mess!  I currently have it stored on a bookshelf with my journals, and I have had no issue with tea spilling!

I know this isn't quite a DIY, however I thought some of you might find it to be an interesting storage solution.  If you try this out, let me know how it goes in the comment section below!

Cheers to warm, organized, accessible tea!

- xoxo, Jayy

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