Natural Hair Diaries: How to Grow Long Hair, Fast!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm a lazy girl.  This should come as no surprise.  When it comes to just about anything, I must admit that I look for the simple way out.  So when embarking on this natural hair journey, I of course searched for the quickest, easiest way to grow long healthy hair.

That searching brought me to my Biotin Journey (check out Week OneWeek TwoWeeks Three & FourMonths 2 & 3, & Month 4).  While I can't deny that my body definitely reacted to Biotin (hello acne!), I can't say that the results for hair growth were enough to warrant continued use.  While vitamins are necessary for healthy hair growth, overloading on one vitamin simply doesn't work for some people.  This is why I will not be trying popular hair growth vitamins such as Hairfinity or ItWorks Skin & Nails anytime soon.  Though others have seen great results, I doubt I will be so lucky.

So if popping a pill won't work ... what does?

After researching the topic, I'm forced to admit that the answer isn't looking good for a lazy girl like me.  If I want to grow long hair quickly, I'm going to have to ... adopt a healthier lifestyle.  I know, this may not have been the answer many of you were looking for.  However in order to see efficient results in the future, I need to be making some changes in the here and now.  My graduate student habits may be here to stay (for the short term), but I can make little changes that will result in faster hair growth.

1. Taking Multivitamins.
While biotin didn't work, taking multivitamins will ensure that my body is getting ALL the nutrients it needs, and not just an overload of one or two.  Choosing a multivitamin to meet your daily needs can be done in conjunction with a doctor.  As a (young) woman, my body needs certain vitamins and minerals to function at its best, so a woman's vitamin designed for women on the go is the one for me!

I'd also like to add here that eating a balanced diet is crucial.  Make sure you are providing your body with foods from all food groups so that it has what it needs to produce healthy hair.  A malnourished body will only produce malnourished hair.

I've probably stressed this point in every other hair care post, but it's necessary.  Hair thrives on moisture, and drinking lots of water will ensure healthy hair growth from the inside out.  Up your water intake in the mornings and make sure to drink more if you live in a cooler climate!

I must admit that I am guilty of not getting enough sleep.  As a busy graduate student, success in school is not cheap, and comes at a high price.  I know I'm not the only one in this position, as I'm sure many of you out there are forced to sacrifice sleep for many other more important things.  BUT do not let sleep loss be a permanent habit.  If you notice you are losing sleep due to other responsibilities in your life, do your best to find time to make up for that sleep whenever possible.

4. Exercise.
Working out helps with hair growth.  I haven't gotten the science down, nor do I want to relay false information, so I'll leave the explanation out.  However I can safely say that  exercise is great for overall health, not just hair healthy.  Make exercise a part of your regular day, even if it means a 20 minute walk around your favourite store (leave your wallet at home!).  A healthy body will produce a healthy head of hair, so get those muscles pumping!

5. Moisturize
I know this one is a given, but please moisturize that hair!  Especially in the winter months.  Do not be afraid to be generous every now and again, especially with your ends!  Length retention is key to maintaining long healthy hair.  I will be posting an updated recipe for a body butter that can also be used on hair soon, but until then, check out this recipe.

Well, that's all for now.  I hope this gets the wheels turning for some of you who want to grow healthy hair.  I'm not saying that Biotin doesn't work, but you definitely want to approach healthy hair growth more holistically if you want long lasting results.

I hope this was helpful to some of you out there!

Until next time, cheers to happy healthy hair!

xoxo, Jayy

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