DIY Beauty: Lighten Your Hair Naturally!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

One of my most popular DIY's has to be this Natural Hair Lightening Mask made out of cinnamon, honey, olive oil, and conditioner.  While this mask is AWESOME, it's not practical for me on most days, when I want to wash my hair quickly and get on with my day.  So, I created this yummy (smelling, not tasting) whipped hair butter that can lighten your hair without the hassle of dealing with a mask!  Though the cinnamon will lighten your hair, it will work much slower than the mask due to the lack of peroxide.  For best results, spend lots of time in the sun!  The top of your head will end up being the lightest if you're not careful, so put your hair up and let the middle/bottom get some love too.

Let's get started!  You will need:

1/4 cup white chunk Shea butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tbsp ground cinnamon
Microwave safe container
Storage container with lid (preferably not plastic, mason jars are ideal)
Optional: scented oil

1. Combine the oils with the Shea butter in a microwave safe container, and heat in 10 second intervals until melted.  Make sure to stir between intervals to assist with melting.  My oil/butter mix too about 50 seconds to melt.  Alternatively, melt the butters using the double boiler method on the stove.  This will preserve the nutrients in the butters, making it better for your hair.  

2. Once your mixture is thoroughly melted, set in the fridge for about half-an-hour for the mixture to cool, then add your 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon.  Stir thoroughly to avoid settling.  Set back in the fridge until your mixture has completely solidified.

3. Once your mixture has solidified, remove from the fridge and beat with a whisk or a fork.  The idea is to introduce air into the mix so that it is light, airy and smooth.  Once whipped, transfer your mixture to your storage container.  Store away from heat sources as they will melt the butter.

4. Use on damp hair for easy application.  Apply a dime sized amount to hands and distribute evenly.  For ease of application, apply to damp hair or mixed in with leave-in conditioner.  If you are concerned about buildup of cinnamon, use this butter to replenish moisture a day or two before your wash day.  I use this hair butter mid week when I have 3-4 days left until my next wash day.  I apply using a little conditioner, and add a little styling gel on top to tame any frizz.  Blow-drying helps to seal the product in, but it is not necessary.

Hope you enjoyed this easy little DIY!

Cheers to natural hair recipes!

- xoxo, Jayy

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