DIY Beauty: Biotin Update Weeks Three and Four (April 30th - May 13th)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Month 1 of biotin is complete! I decided to combine the lat two weeks, as my previous updates haven't been very informative.

For anyone who doesn't know, I am currently taking 5300 mcgs of biotin per week: 5000 mcgs in biotin pills and 300 mcgs of biotin in my daily multivitamin.  The pills I used are linked below, along with other products you may find helpful.

I started off with 2 cm of growth, and have noticed 0.5 cm of growth over the prior two weeks.  The picture below is my hair at the beginning of this week (so 2 cm of growth).  I will most likely start taking length pictures at the end of the first month of taking biotin.

Beginning of week 3:


No drastic changes noticed.  I clip my nails every 3 days or so because I am trying to grow out nail damage, so I don't really get to see how fast my nails are growing.  They are growing though!  In another month or so I will get to see how strong they have become.

During week 3 (April 30-May 7th) I was disappointed ... I noticed maybe 0.25 cm of growth maximum.  I think I may have measured incorrectly last week.  Nonetheless, my hair is growing, no matter how slowly.  And on the plus side, it is growing out healthier than it was previously!  I gave my hair a trim this week, as I noticed some unevenness at the top.  I did not take off length, but rather evened out the top layer of my hair.  The goal for this hair journey is hair health as well as length, and sometimes that means sacrificing length for health.  No worries, it's just hair and it will grow! :)

During week 4 (May 7th - 14th) I noticed another 0.25 cm of growth, which means that my hair growth has slowed down.  I'm not sure why, but I will definitely be doing some research.  At this rate, I won't reach my goal length for another year and a half.

Water Intake
I continue to drink 5-7 500 mL bottles of water per day.  I should mention that I stay away from juice or beverages with sugar in them, so I usually only drink water throughout the day.

My hair right now measures about 2.5 cm.  I am just about at an inch of new growth.
Unfortunately, unless my hair was not growing at all prior to starting biotin, I am not seeing any results. I'm not sure why, and I will be looking into it closely.  No pictures this week, but there will definitely be some in the next post.

Until next time, cheers to happy healthy FAST GROWING hair :)

- xoxo, Jayy

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