DIY Beauty: Biotin Update Week One + Inversion Method?!?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This week I decided to do a daily biotin update, as it was the first week that I started retaking biotin.  (If you want some background on the topic, check out this post).  I also decided to try out the Inversion Method for hair growth.  The Inversion Method is a hair growth technique that involves flipping your head upside down for four minutes a day for one week.  The idea is that you will be able to accelerate hair growth by stimulating circulation and blood flow to the head.  It is not recommended that you do this for more than 4 minutes a day, and you should not continue this for longer than a week, as your body will grow accustomed to the position and hair growth will slow.  For more information on this topic, check out this video, or this video, or this video!  For my take on the Inversion Method, I will not be using a hot oil treatment, as this will make my hair too greasy. I normally put a little bit of grapeseed and coconut oil on my scalp at night, so I will be continuing with this routine as I attempt the inversion method.

For a list of products I recommend that use biotin, check out the ones I have compiled below!

I am starting this journey with 1 cm or 1/3 inches of my natural black hair growing out at my roots at the top of my head.  I will be using this as my guide for how well the biotin is working.  I will be taking 5000 mcg of biotin once daily for Let's get started!

Day 1: April 16th
I purchased and began taking the biotin pills on this day.  I took the pills at the same time that I took one of my multivitamin pills (the GNC Women's Energy and Metabolism Vitamins, which have about 300 mcg of biotin in them).  I drank 5.5 500 mL bottles of water, which is 1.5 more than I normally drink.  No side effects, as this was the first day.  I also started the inversion method on this day, right before I went to bed.  

Day 2: April 17th
I once again took 5000 mcgs of biotin with my multivitamins.  I take the biotin + the multivitamin in the morning with breakfast, and a second vitamin pill with either my mid-morning snack, or with lunch.  I again drank 5 500 mL bottles of water today.  I have noticed some breakouts on my forehead, but this could be related to my time of the month, which is fast approaching.  The last time I took biotin, I broke out on my chin and cheeks, and this time I am breaking out on my forehead, which is why I am inclined to believe that this is not related to the biotin.  I once again attempted the inversion method right before I went to bed.

Day 3: April 18th
I woke up this morning with a killer headache ... it feels like the start of a horrible migraine.  This may or may not be related to the inversion method.  Same as always, 5000 mcgs of biotin in the morning with my multivitamins. I drank 5 500 mL bottles of water again.  No new breakouts noticed ... I'm surprised! And impressed!  I forgot to do the inversion method today, though it was probably a good thing since my head was killing by the end of the day.

Day 4: April 19th
Headache is a lot less painful today than it was yesterday.  Took my 5000 mcgs of biotin early in the morning as per usual. 5 500 mL bottles of water as per usual.  No new breakouts.  So far I haven't noticed any difference in my hair, skin or nails.  Inversion method attempted twice, once while I was washing my hair for a few minutes, and then again right before bed.

Day 5: April 20th
No headache today!  Took my biotin and vitamins as per usual.  6 500 mL bottles of water today ... I'm trying to make up for the rather large Easter dinner I devoured.  I am noticing a breakout right on my chin ... I think the biotin is kicking in.  Inversion method right before bed as usual.

Day 6: April 21st
Vitamins and biotin taken as usual.  The breakout is more noticeable today, and I have one annoying pimple on my chin.  Still not sure if this has to do with my T.O.M. or if this is related to the biotin, as the pimples I got from the biotin last time were very painful, and these are not.  I only remember drinking 4 500 mL bottles of water today ... possibly 4.5?  Either way I have to make up for that tomorrow.  Inversion method right before bed as usual.

Day 7: April 22th
Last day of the first week of taking biotin/attempting the inversion method!  I took the biotin and vitamins as per usual.  I found that drinking a full bottle of water with the biotin and vitamins really helped kick start my day, and helped me to get into drinking water for the day.  I think I'll be trying this every day!  I drank a total of 6 500 mL bottles of water today.  The breakouts haven't improved :(.  Inversion method right before bed as usual.

And that's it!  I have completed one week of the biotin plus my vitamins! The final verdict?
Biotin: It's definitely too early to tell.  No change noticed in my body/facial hair.  Some acne, but I'm unsure if this is connected to my diet (I'm slightly lactose intolerant), my T.O.M, or my skincare routine.  My guess is that it's not related to the biotin, but I could be wrong.

Inversion Method: Since I missed a day, I'm not sure that it worked properly.  However, I have read about/watched videos of women who said that they had better results from the inversion method after they tried it during the second month.  I will wait 4-5 weeks, and then attempt again!

Hair growth:
Initial measurement: 1 cm
Final measurement: 1.5 cm
I don't see a difference when I look at the pictures, however according to my measurements I gained half a cm!  That's about double of what I normally get ... so I'm happy about that.  I guess the inversion method worked?


They aren't the best angles ... please bear with me while I try to figure out how to take proper pictures of my growth.  I'm new to the whole hair journey/documenting thing.

I hope this will be helpful for anyone trying biotin who wants a play-by-play of how the first week went for me!

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- xoxo, Jayy

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