DIY Beauty: Biotin + Hair Update

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hey DIY-ers!

Today's post is different than what I normally do.  I have started taking Biotin again for my hair growth, and thought I would document the changes to my skin/nails and most importantly ... hair!

I first started using biotin last year around May to improve the overall health of my hair.  I started with a dose of 1000 mcg and then slowly worked up way up to 5000 mcg. If you are interested in the brand of biotin I used, that information is linked at the end of this post along with other biotin prodcts I have used.  As to be expected, I broke out horribly at first, and then my face slowly cleared up.  My skin is never perfectly clear, but it returned to normal.

My nails were very brittle at this point, which is one of the reasons why I chose biotin over some of the other supplements.  Though my nails grew faster when I was on biotin last time, they continued to be brittle and chipped/peeled on a weekly basis.

My body hair/facial hair (eyebrows and eyelashes included) grew SUPER fast.  I was plucking my eyebrows twice a week, and threading my upper lip once weekly.  Prior to this, I was plucking my eyebrows once a week and doing my upper lip ever 1.5-2 weeks.  My eyelashes also were thicker and stronger than they were before.  I was shaving so often I lost track, but considering that it was summer, I was shaving so often that I started looking into depilatory creams because I was tired of shaving almost every day.

As for my hair, I noticed some growth, but not enough for me to be excited about it.

What you see above is 6 months of growth while on biotin.  I waited the 6 months to re- colour my hair as I was in the sun a lot and knew the sun would bleach out my current colour.  Hence the orange.  What that amounted to was 2-2.5 inches of growth, which is just about average.  My hair normally grows .5 inches in about 5 weeks, so I really wasn't making much progress with the biotin.

I stopped taking biotin around September/October as I didn't feel as though my hair was really benefiting from the supplement.  I continued to track my hair growth, and eventually it slowed slightly and returned to the regular .5 inch per 5 weeks.

And now we are in late April, and I have decided to give biotin another try!  I am currently taking a women's multivitamin, and am curious to see if the biotin will work differently in conjunction with the vitamins.  Also, I have been watching several videos on how well biotin worked for other women, and I willing to be a bit more patient this time and see if it will do the same for me.

I have chosen to document my journey on my blog, since I posted a post relating to my hair journey a while ago.  Since that post, I coloured my hair red again (March 7th, 2014), and am currently almost 6 weeks post colour!  I am not planning to colour my hair for at least another 6 weeks, just in time for my graduation.  My other plan is to let my hair colour grow out, which I will be more likely to do if the biotin works well for me!

As promised, here are links to my recommended biotin products and supplements:

I hope you all enjoyed this update, and are looking forward to coming on this journey with me!  I will be making a post about my first week of taking biotin, and that will be up next week.  And I do apologize for not posting more DIYs, with school wrapping up I just haven't had the time.  But I hope that this month will be the start of a regular posting schedule!

Until next time, cheers to happy, healthy hair!

xoxo, Jayy

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