DIY Fashion: Infinity Bracelet with Beaded Jump Ring Chain

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Happy December!!! Christmas is less than a month away, can you believe it? Today's DIY is one that would make a totally awesome Christmas gift, in my humble opinion.  What's best is that if you buy quality materials and take your time, your project won't look homemade!

What is this awesome project, you might ask?  Why, it's an infinity charm bracelet!

You will need:
- Two pairs of beading pliers 
- An infinity charm
- A toggle and clasp closure
- Jump Rings (I think mine were 5 mm)
- Beads

I purchased the beads from the dollar store, and purchased the charms, clasps and jump rings from a little jewellery making store in my city.  You can find similar supplies at your local flea market, or on Etsy.  

The first step is to bead your jump rings.  At this stage, you will be beading half of the jump rings you will be using for your bracelet. This part is simple: open your jump ring, slip on a bead, and close the jump ring. This will make the remainder of your bracelet making a lot simpler.

Yes I'm a PC user ;)

Once you've beaded enough jump rings, it's time to start making your bracelet!  Open a jump ring, and insert one beaded jump ring, one side of the infinity charm, and two beads, then close the jump ring.  Repeat on the other side of the infinity charm.

Open another empty jump ring, slip on two beads, a beaded jump ring, and then attach to one of the jump rings at the end of the bracelet.  Repeat on the other side.

Continue the previous step until your bracelet is at its desired length!

If you like the look of the bracelet at this point, then you can stop here.  Open a jump ring, slip on two beads and the toggle, and attach to one end of the bracelet.  Open another jump ring, slip on two beads and the clasp, and attach to the other end of the bracelet!

If you would like to make your bracelet look a bit chunkier like I did, then create a second beaded jump ring chain alongside the first one you made.  Follow the exact same steps, and when attaching the toggle and clasp closure, make sure that you insert both chains into the jump ring that attaches the bracelet to the closure.

And that's it!  This tutorial was not as easy as some of the others I've posted, but once you get the hang of it it becomes relatively simple.  It's also super affordable!  The materials I used cost me $5.25 ($2.00 for the beads, $1.25 for two charms, $1.00 for two sets of closures, and $1.00 for the jump rings).  This bracelet cost me roughly $2.00 to make if you do the math!! Two bucks for an awesome Christmas gift ... I'll take it!

Cheers to awesome affordable DIY Christmas gifts!

xoxo, Jayy 

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