DIY Decor: Mirrored Tray

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It's coming down to the end of summer. Can you believe it?

This week we will be making a cute little mirrored tray.  This is more for decorative purposes, and would look super cute in a crafty kids/teen room.

For this project you will need:
- Mirrors - I used mirrors I got from the dollar store.  There were three in a pack for $2.00
- Non-Corrugated Cardboard - I had some squares of stiff cardboard at home already, so I used that.  
- A Glue Gun 
- Something to cover your cardboard with.  I used a silver marker.
- Scissors
- A pen/pencil
- A ruler
- Hole punch & Ribbon (optional)

This is a pretty easy project.  First you want to place your mirror in the middle of your cardboard and mark out exactly where the mirror will sit.  After you've done that, measure two inches around the perimeter of the mirror, and draw a border.

 Cut off the excess cardboard.

Remove the corner squares.

Score the cardboard around where the mirror is going to sit.  I double scored so that it wouldn't crease at the bottom.  Ignore the line running down the middle of the cardboard by the way.  The cardboard was folded.

I was bored with the plain straight edges so I drew a pattern, traced it onto the sides cut it out.  If I ever figure out how to upload a template, I'll put it up

I also coloured the sides (both front and back) with a silver metallic marker.  I got it from the dollar store as well.  I coloured it using swirling motions so that it looked like ... some kind of metal?  It looked nicer than just colouring it in.

Glue the mirror down using the flue gun.  At this point, you could also glue the sides together. (Ignore the reflection)

I chose to hole punch the sides and tie them together with ribbon.  It looks cuter and a lot neater than having glue everywhere.

And here are pictures of the finished product!!!!

This makes a cute base for a gift basket style present.  Add your products (colourful bath and body stuff look cute), and then tie with some cellophane and add a bow!!  The possibilities are endless.  As usual, feel free to get creative!!

Happy crafting!!

-xoxo, Jayy

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