DIY Decor: Paper Rose Pomander

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Today`s DIY is absolutely perfect for the spring and summer months.  It`s a fake flower pomander! 

 I hung mine from my ceiling, but these can be placed in vases ...

or used as wedding decor ...

... The possibilities are endless!!

Let`s get started.  For this project you will need:
- Paper roses (tutorial found here)  I used 10.
- Pantyhose (new or used, doesn't matter as long as it`s clean)
- Tissue paper, old fabric etc.
- Glue or straight pins
- Ribbon 

I don't have many pictures for this project, I apologize.  It's pretty straight forward though.
Stuff tissue paper/fabric into one leg of the pantyhose until you are satisfied with the size of the ball.  Tie off the end and cut off any excess pantyhose.  If you will be hanging your pomander, tie ribbon to the knot and secure it with glue.

In order to attach the flowers to the pantyhose ball, I stuck straight pins through the centres and then stuck the pins into the nylon.  Again, I apologize for lack of pictures but the concept is simple. Simply cover the ball with roses!

Lastly, hang the pomander.  I attached mine to the ceiling with tons of tape, and used a spare rose to cover it up.  I hung it over my closet door.

Always feel free to get creative and modify these DIYs to suit your needs/style.  Good luck and happy crafting!!

- xoxo, Jayy

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