DIY Beauty: Lighten Hair Naturally With Lemons!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This hair spray is great for summer.  Lemon naturally lightens hair, but it works best for people with light hair.  I'm not sure how well this works with black hair, since I have only done it a few times.  I have not yet seen results but I figure this should be a great help for people with light brown/blonde hair.

All you need is some lemon juice (either freshly squeezed or from a bottle) and a spray bottle.  You can add olive oil to the mixture to dilute it and make it a bit more moisturizing.  If you decide to add olive oil, I suggest mixing equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil.  Put the liquid into the bottle, and spray onto your hair.  Shake well before each use so that the lemon/olive oil can mix together.  Then, go out in the sun!  The heat and light sun will react with the lemon, bringing out natural highlights in your hair.  I suggest doing this on a day when you know you are going to wash your hair in the evening, so that you do not have to sleep with the lemon in your hair.  

REMEMBER:  Lemon juice is sticky.  Spray a bit, let it dry and comb out your hair before applying a second coat.  Don't get too excited and spray it all at once.  

Like all other natural hair lightening masks, this will work over time.  With some patience and LOTS of sun exposure, you should see significant results in a few weeks.

Good luck!

-xoxo, Jayy

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