Declutter Vlog: Beauty Products (Part 1)

Hello Lovelies!

Today's Minimalist Monday post is another YouTube video!  I'm obsessed!

This is a reupload, so I apologize to those who have seen it already.  But here is my attempt at decluttering a drawer of beauty products!  Notice I said 'attempt'.  It is not easy to get rid of products when you are so used to hoarding them.  But as I was editing this video, I noted several products that I plan to get rid of, so I will DEFINITELY be doing another video, a Part 2, so that I can show you how far I have come!

I hope you enjoy this video!  I am falling into a bit of a slump ... I am not quite sure what to post next, either on my blog or on my YouTube channel!  I think I'm leaning towards posting a video about my plant collection, or a video about my crystal collection - I'm not sure which.  I am also going to be going on vacation soon, and I am hoping I get to film some vlog-style material!

Cheers to figuring it out!

xoxo, Jayy

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